Kevin B. Lee

Online lecture: Video essay


1975 born in San Mateo, California

1997 BA in English and Asian Studies, Williams College

2015 MFA in Film, Video, New Media and Animation

2016 MA in Visual and Critical Studies

2016 Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Illinois

2017 Visiting Lecturer, Goethe Universität Frankfurt

2017-present Professor Cross-Media Publishing, Merz Akademie Stuttgart

Selected Filmography

2013 Chinese Realities, Documentary Visions

2014 Transformers: The Premake

2016 Right Now Then Wrong

2016 Occupation

2017 Not Another Camelot

2017 #movieofmylife

2018 Reading / Binging / Benning

2018 Bottled Songs 4: The Spokesman

2019 Learning Farocki: A Video Essay Series

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